May 12, 2023

Visual controls – Very effective Lean Management tool for leaders

If Takt time is the heart of the lean production system, visual controls form the nervous system of the lean management system. Takt time controls the pulse of operations and visual controls provide the vital health information of the system.Lean is an improvement tool and the status of every process should be visible in lean […]

May 12, 2023

Use WhatsApp wisely for better results

I was walking though the client’s plant one day with the plant manager to look at the opportunities for improvement. While we were walking down the Shopfloor and looking for WASTEs, I observed the plant manager would click a picture of whatever I am pointing out and would post it on a WhatsApp groups.I was […]

May 12, 2023

Failure to implement lean , it’s not the tools but Mindset

Applying Lean concepts at workplace has now been accepted worldwide as the best thing to do in both manufacturing as well service industries.Companies are spending huge amount of money, resources on training of resources, hiring consultants and implementing Lean and Six sigma to improve bottom line. Number of books are available in market on Lean […]