Lean Practitioner for Operations

"The pursuit of perfection via a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste (non-value-added activities) through continuous improvement of processes, enabling the product to flow at a rate determined by the pull of the customer "

Training Objectives

By enrolling in this course, middle management professionals will gain valuable insights and strategies to enhance their leadership abilities and effectively manage their teams. They will also learn how to identify and implement operational improvements, streamlining processes and increasing overall efficiency.
Understand the Lean concepts and its value.
Learn techniques and tools to apply on the job.
Begin your role as a Lean Practitioner.

Course Overview

All organizations drive for excellence in performance. Those which does not will be irrelevant in few years. Today’s excellence becomes average tomorrow and below par day after. This is natures rule. Everyone improvises every day. However miniscule the improvements are and those who fail become extinct.
Organizations are driven by people and processes. For organizations to exists these two are essential. No organization can work be successful without these two elements. Performance (The result) is outcome of these two elements working in tandem. Like an well-oiled machinery, if these two element work with synergy the performance is bound to be achieved. Even If you want to remain in the same position as you are today you need to continually improve every day. Lean Management and systems has been an integral part of Manufacturing since Toyota came out with this innovation. . Lean production system and Lean Management concepts helps to keep the organization Agile , Innovative and stay ahead of others.
Are you seeking to become a true master of Lean principles and practices? Look no further than our renowned Lean practitioner training. This transformative program is designed to equip individuals like you with the necessary tools, knowledge, and expertise to excel in the world of Lean thinking and implementation. By joining our training, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, where you will unravel the secrets of Lean methodology and learn how to foster a culture of continuous improvement within your organization. Our experienced instructors, renowned for their vast industry experience, will guide you through practical exercises and real-life case studies, ensuring that you grasp the essence of Lean principles and how to apply them in your own work environment. By honing your skills in this training, you will emerge as a Lean practitioner with the capability to streamline processes, eliminate waste, optimize efficiency, and drive innovation. Embrace this remarkable opportunity, transcend the ordinary, and join our Lean practitioner training to unlock your true potential in revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Together, let us cultivate excellence and pave the way for a more empowered and prosperous future

Course Content

Problem solving techniques

Planning Lean / Kaizen project

Lean tools

Who should attend: This course is specifically tailored for middle management level employees, as well as those working in operational excellence, and individuals who possess a genuine passion for continuous improvement. Its purpose is to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles and drive positive change within their organizations.
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36 Hours






Rs. 14,999/-

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