Conquering Organizational Barriers

"Learn about essential organizational skills required to become effective manager"

Course Overview

Are you a Graduate Trainee struggling to find your feet in the corporate world? We’ve conducted extensive research and identified the key challenges that hinder your success. But worry not, because we have the perfect solution tailored just for you!
Introducing our comprehensive Graduate Trainee Course, designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to overcome the obstacles and thrive in your role. With our course, you’ll bridge the gap between being a trainee and becoming an effective manager.
Why do Graduate Trainees struggle initially? It’s not your fault; it’s the result of a flawed educational system and unrealistic expectations from organizations. But we’re here to change that narrative.
Our course addresses the core issues that GTs face, focusing on four essential pillars:
Context of Organization (3 hrs): Understand the intricacies of organizational culture and learn how to adapt seamlessly. You’ll gain insights into the dynamics of different workplaces and become a cultural chameleon.
Managing My Work Effectively (3 hrs): Master the art of time management, delegation, and prioritization. Discover the strategies that successful managers employ to maximize productivity and achieve outstanding results.
Developing Soft Skills (4 hrs): Interpersonal skills, collaboration, and teamwork are critical for managerial success. Our course hones these skills, empowering you to build strong relationships and lead with charisma.
Problem Solving Tools (8 hrs): Develop your analytical and critical thinking abilities. Learn effective problem-solving frameworks and techniques to tackle complex challenges head-on.
With a total duration of 18 hours, our course can be conveniently completed through a mix of online and offline modules. We understand that your time is valuable, so we’ve curated the curriculum to deliver practical, hands-on knowledge that will directly impact your performance.
Don’t leave your future success to chance or the mercy of supervisors. Take control of your career trajectory by enrolling in our Graduate Trainee Course today. Join the ranks of future leaders and become the effective manager you were destined to be.

Course Content

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Organizational Behavior

  • Organization
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Values and beliefs
  • Working in teams
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Managing Expectations ( My Expectation , My Supervisor’s Expectation , My supervisors supervisor’s Expectations, Organizations expectation)
  • Its all common sense

Managing work effectively

  • Understanding Strengths and weaknesses
  • Prioritization of work
  • How to ask questions
  • How to remain Inquisitive
  • How to Say NO

Soft skills for managers

  • Communication
  • Making Team work effective
  • Leadership
  • Perceptions, Interpersonal relationship skills
  • Understanding Strengths and weaknesses

Problem solving

  • Basic tools for problem solving
    • Why – why analysis
    • 5W1H
    • 7 QC tools
    • New 7 QC tools
  • Introduction to Lean and 6 sigma concepts.
Who should attend: The course is designed for graduate Trainees who are appearing for interviews, had passed out of the collage or working in any organization. Condition to join this course is you should have zeal to grow personally and professionally.
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18 Hours





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Rs. 4,999/- Rs. 999/-

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Rs. 1,999/- Rs. 299/-

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